A Noteworthy Diversion

A Noteworthy Diversion


In the kingdom of Valeria, teetering on the brink of war, a message of peace must be delivered. The once-unified land has become fractured, with rival factions vying for control, including The Sovereign Circle, led by Duchess Vanira. Entrusted to the party by Lord Eryndor, this critical task must be fulfilled, all while an insider from within the kingdom's ranks plots to see the mission fail. The party's journey will take them through Valeria's bustling city streets, the open countryside, a treacherous sea voyage, and into the heart of the Duchess's castle. Will they succeed in time to stop a war and heal the wounds of Valeria?

Adventure's Hook

The adventure begins with the party being summoned by a mysterious noble, Lord Eryndor, who has heard of their reputations. He implores them to undertake a mission of utmost importance: deliver a sealed note to Duchess Vanira in her castle. He hints that an insider might be working against them.


1. Encounter: Ambush in the City Streets

  • Summary: A group of mercenaries tries to steal the note in a dark alley.
  • Location: City streets
  • DM Description: "As you turn the corner, the flickering lanterns reveal shadowy figures blocking your path. Their eyes narrow, and weapons glisten. 'Hand over the note,' one growls, 'or meet your end.'"
  • Key Outcome for the party: Escape with the note or defeat the mercenaries.
  • List of Creatures:
  • List of Encounter Traps:
    • Name: Hidden Net
    • Location: Above the alleyway
    • Trigger: Approaching the figures
    • Effect: DC 13 Dexterity saving throw or become restrained.
    • Disarm: Cutting or escaping with a DC 10 Strength check

2. Encounter: Forest Chase

  • Summary: Pursued by insider's agents, the party must navigate a dense forest.
  • Location: Forest Path
  • DM Description: "The trees loom large as you dash through the underbrush, the pounding hooves of your pursuers never far behind. They know this forest, and they're closing in."
  • Key Outcome for the party: Lose the pursuers or defeat them.
  • List of Creatures:
  • List of Encounter Traps: None

3. Encounter: Sea Voyage

  • Summary: The party must navigate a perilous sea voyage.
  • Location: Open Sea
  • DM Description: "Waves crash against the ship as the salty wind howls. The sea seems almost alive, working against your progress. Eyes on the horizon reveal another ship, sails bearing the insignia of the insider's faction, closing in."
  • Key Outcome for the party: Survive the voyage and evade or defeat the pursuing ship.
  • List of Creatures:
    • Bandit x4 (on the pursuing ship)
  • List of Encounter Traps: None

4. Encounter: Delivering the Message to the Duchess

  • Summary: The party must gain entrance to the Duchess's castle and deliver the message.
  • Location: Duchess's Castle
  • DM Description: "The grand gates of the Duchess's castle loom before you, guarded and suspicious of strangers. You must find a way to deliver the note into the hands of the Duchess herself."
  • Key Outcome for the party: Successfully deliver the message.
  • List of Creatures:
  • List of Encounter Traps: None

5. Encounter: Insider's Lair

  • Summary: Upon delivering the note, the Duchess provides information leading to the insider's hidden lair.
  • Location: Hidden Cabin
  • DM Description: "Nestled between tall trees, a modest cabin appears, its windows shuttered. Something feels off. Secrets lie within."
  • Key Outcome for the party: Capture the insider or uncover vital information.
  • List of Creatures:
    • Insider (Use Spy stat block) x1
    • Guard x2
  • List of Encounter Traps: None


Upon successfully delivering the note and dealing with the insider, the party becomes instrumental in averting a war. Depending on how they handle the insider, further adventures may arise, uncovering more of the conspiracy.

The Note (though the party shouldn't read it... but if they do)

To Her Grace, Duchess Vanira of The Sovereign Circle,

In these troubled times, our fair kingdom of Valeria stands on the precipice of despair, torn by strife and suspicion. I write to you as a member of a faction that wishes to find unity with The Sovereign Circle, driven by a shared desire for harmony and prosperity within our beloved Valeria.

Within these words, I propose a truce, a gathering where minds may meet without swords drawn. Let us cast aside our differences and find common ground, for the future of our children and the legacy of Valeria's glorious past.

I extend to you my hand in trust and plead that you consider this offer. Together, we may forge a path to peace, guided by reason and compassion. I await your response with hope in my heart.

With the highest respect,

Lord Eryndor