How to Make a Custom D20 Engraving Image

So you want to make your own art? That is great! Our customizer will take any image you upload and attempt to make it work; but chances are slim you will like the results if you don't follow these instructions.

1) Download our D20 engraving template here

2) Using your favorite Image editing software (We REALLY advise something that supports layers like Photoshop, Gimp, Affinity Photo, etc...) draw out your design inside the red triangle.

3) Export your image in black and white (or better black and transparent) with what you want engraved in black. The easiest way to do this is to use one of those image editors mentioned above then do your design work on a new layer. Once designed its as easy as hiding the guide layer and exporting your design to PNG

4) Upload your image by selecting "Custom Drawing" and check out the preview/rendering to make sure it looks perfect.

A few notes we feel we should share regarding dice customization:

  • These designs are very small (roughly 6 to 7 mm of workable space), keep your designs simple and readable.. You can always try printing them out very small and seeing how you feel about them.
  • As they say "With great power comes great responsibility".  What that means for both of us is we can't create dice from copyrighted art. We will trust that what you upload you have the rights to use; but if we see something we know is protected under trademark or copyright we might have to reach out and ask for a new design unless you can share how you have rights to use the design.
  • Also, we believe in diversity, inclusion and equality; and we are also well versed in the concept of the paradox of inclusion. If we recognize an uploaded design as hate speech we won't hesitate to cancel and refund your order, no if/ands or buts.

We may on occasion want to show of a set of dice on our website or in a social post. While we won't show original art, we do reserve the right to photograph and show off the finished dice (we promise not to show them off before you get them, so we will wait a few days after shipping before posting, and if you are making them as a gift, let us know in the notes so we can keep them hidden and avoid ruining any surprises).