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ShinyMathRocks.shop is here to help enhance your story. It may seem small, but your dice help create wonderful adventures. Each roll expands the narrative of your game and a great story is what roleplaying is all about.

While you might not think of your dice as part of that story, we do! We know some dice are magic, and some dice belong in jail. While we can't promise great rolling dice (but you never know), we can promise great looking unique dice that are hand made, and then customized by you with our unique Custom Crit engraving service.

Every D20 we sell is custom engraved and inked for you right here in San Antonio TX. You can pick a pre-designed clipart, upload your own black and white drawing, or write up to 4 characters on the D20 crit. Wither its the "stock" 20 or your own special image, every die goes under our laser, and is then hand inked by us.

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