House Rule:  Flashback Strategy

House Rule: Flashback Strategy

In order to allow characters to use their past experiences or actions to navigate a challenge, players can invoke the Flashback Strategy. This house rule gives the players an option to narratively change the course of events by declaring an action their character would have taken in the past.


  1. Declare a Flashback: Once per game session, a player can declare a "Flashback". They explain an action or preparation their character would have done at some point in the past that is relevant to the situation at hand. This could be something like "I realized we might encounter magical traps in the mansion, so I would have researched some common magical wards and their countersigns."
  2. Role-play and Check: The player should role-play the flashback and the DM determines the type of check (if any) required for the action to have succeeded. The DM has the final say in the matter. For example, if a character researched magical wards, the DM may call for an Arcana check to see how successful the research was.
  3. Resolve the Flashback: If the character is successful, the action in the past was carried out effectively and can change the current situation. If unsuccessful, the character may face some consequences or the situation remains unchanged.

Note: To maintain balance, the use of the Flashback Strategy should not alter major plot elements or significantly change a character's abilities or the world's reality. It should be used to show how a character's cunning, planning, and quick thinking can overcome obstacles, not as a "get out of jail free" card.

The DM has the final say in whether a proposed flashback is feasible and in keeping with the story. It's encouraged to use this rule to enhance the narrative, promote creativity, and provide interesting solutions to challenges.