Archive Notes: Leviathan's Path

Archive Notes: Leviathan's Path

Leviathan's Path (Saphirus Altum) washes up on the shore of the bay of Zhan. The deep blue crystal shimmers with the light of small entombed water fay, These rare dice are considered priceless religious artifacts to the Zhantheians of Chemm who worship the massive creature that is said to be larger than the biggest Andarus Navy ship and the bottom of the bays Abyss. 

Title: Leviathan's Path
Level: 1
Type: Transmutation
Casting Time: Action
Range: Touch
Components: V,S,M (1 small sapphire and 1 copper coin)
Duration: 4 hour

The target of this spell is incased in a thin coat of air allowing them to move through water and breath underwater as if it were not there. The target may not swim but may move and see freely as if the water were absent. Upon leaving a body of water the target is as dry as they were before entering a body of water.

At Higher Levels: 4 additional hour per casting level.

At the requests of the naturalists at the Biblioteca de Encantos who were actively the Leviathan of Zhan a sample of Saphirus Altum was sent to them, Through experimentation they were able to uncover additional powers these stones can inspire.