Archive Notes: Psyche's Rend

Archive Notes: Psyche's Rend

Psyche's Rend (Verdigris Animite) was delivered anonymously to our dice archive over 2 years ago. When the Hoard Master reviewed the shiny math rocks from this odd delivery he reported feeling his essence pushed out of his body. The power of these rocks seems to rend the incorporeal forms from their corporeal counterparts. As such, Esimar ordered that these dice be placed in the "VAULT". To this day, we have never received another set of such stones, and we wonder from where on Diis'tos these gems originate.

Title: Psyche's Rend
Level: 5
Casting Time: Action
Range: 150 feet
Components: V,S
Duration: 1 action
The caster points at a target and with a force of will push the target's consciousness  out of their body for 1d4 rounds unless the target makes a will saving throw.  During the time the target sees the battle from a distant third person's perspective and their body collapses and is inanimate. 

If the body is killed during the separation the

consciousness turns into a ghost (see Ghost in Dungeon Masters Guide)
At Higher Levels: 1d4 additional rounds.

Under extreme security a small sample of Verdigris Animite was sent to the wizards at the Biblioteca de Encantos they were able to uncover additional spell powers these stones can inspire