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Dice Jail

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Sometimes your dice need to be reminded who is boss (they are, they are we know).. And it's still nice to keep the illusion of control. When you need to labor under this delusion, we present, the dice tower! Simple and elegant, this tower will give your click-clacks a nice vacation while you fume endlessly about their dark sense of humor.

This 1.59 Hex round by 2 inch tall (with lid) dice jail can hold multiple misbehaving dice. Just be careful about putting both your d20s in there; they can conspire against you.

Boring Stats:
-Includes 1 Jail with Lid
-3d printed @ .3mm per layer
-Height without lid: ~1.875 inches
-Base is ~2.06 inch hex
-Interior ~1.59 inch hex

3d Model : Dice Jail Low Poly Support Free by Dan Lynch