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Emperor's Reward - D4

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Sometimes you need just a few extra specific dice to make your set perfect. When they are available these singles are a great way to optimize your dice set.

Dice: Single D4
Family : Emperor's Reward

If ever a set of dice were to illicit the term Porphyrogenitus (born to the purple) These translucent purple sharp edge resin gems with gold flake and yellow inked numbers are they. One can almost imagine Constantine the Great rolling these amethyst inspired dice while DMing a small game while on campaign (because there is no way one of the top 5 roman emperors wouldn't be playing RPGs) or deciding taxing policies for the Roman Empire*.  These are hand mixed, hand poured, hand polished, hand inked dice so each one is its own small piece of art no two dice will ever be the same!


* There is no historical evidence that Constantine played RPGs or that Rome had the ability to cast two part resin polymers, but don't let history get in the way of a great story

To learn what Esimar and the Archive say about these dice check out their Archive Notes