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Lich's Gambit - D4

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Sometimes you need just a few extra specific dice to make your set perfect. When they are available these singles are a great way to optimize your dice set.

Dice: Single D4
Family : Lich's Gambit

Lich's Gambit give off a very dark vibe for being so light and airy; these transparent dice fade to red  like a drop of blood slowly diluting in a pond and their hand inked dark metallic numbers might remind you of the cold iron keeping the fae at bay. You or a friend will love these dice if puns on the word 'bite' are often floated about in banter and you draw inspiration from vampires and werewolves. These are hand mixed, hand poured, hand polished, hand inked dice so each one is its own small piece of art no two dice will ever be the same!


To learn what Esimar and the Archive say about these dice check out their Archive Notes