The Heist of the Shimmering Scepter

The Heist of the Shimmering Scepter

Target Player Level: 5-7
Playtime: > 3 hours

Note to the DM:

This is a great adventure to consider the Flash Back Strategy house rule


In the thriving city of Goldshore, known for its splendid golden beaches and wealthy mercantile nobility, the party hears rumors of an artifact of immense power: The Shimmering Scepter. Lord Vanthor, a corrupt and despotic noble, recently obtained this artifact and plans to use its power to solidify his rule. The oppressed people of Goldshore yearn for freedom and have secretly sent word out for brave adventurers to steal the scepter and bring Vanthor down.

Adventure's Hook

As the party relaxes in the busy tavern, "The Golden Goblet," a hooded stranger approaches, revealing themselves as a representative of the oppressed people. They provide the party with details about Lord Vanthor and his heavily guarded mansion. The party is tasked with infiltrating the mansion, stealing the scepter, and escaping undetected, if possible. To aid in their quest, they are given a basic layout of the mansion and a pouch of gold for any necessary preparations.


1. Streets of Goldshore

As the party steps onto the cobblestone streets of Goldshore, the salty sea breeze mixes with the scent of fresh baked goods and fragrant flowers. The city is bustling with traders hawking exotic wares, children darting around corners, and guards patrolling in their gleaming armors. Every step towards the mansion increases the danger - can you navigate the city without drawing unwanted attention?

2. Outside the Mansion - Guarded Entrance

Rising majestically against the city's skyline, Lord Vanthor's mansion is an intimidating sight. Its marble columns glimmer in the afternoon sun, and the iron-gated entrance is manned by Vanthor's Elite Guards(Thug). They stand resolute, unaware of the storm that's about to descend upon them.

3. Mansion Grounds - Beware the Watchbeasts

Behind the grand mansion walls lies an enchanted garden, where exotic flowers bloom and fountains gurgle softly. The beauty of the garden belies its true purpose: a training ground for Vanthor's 2 pet Gargoyles. They roam with a predator's grace, their scales glistening in the moonlight, ready to pounce at the first hint of intrusion.

4. Mansion Interior - Trapped Hallway

Inside the mansion, opulence and danger are interwoven. Every tapestry, every golden chandelier whispers of wealth and power. The grand hallway leading to the display room is ominously silent. Is this an easy stroll or a carefully laid death trap?

Trap Name: Crossbow Turret Trap
Trap Location: The grand hallway leading to the display room
Trap Trigger: Pressure plates on the hallway floor
Trap Effect: Crossbow turrets hidden behind decorative wall panels fire bolts at the triggerer (damage and other effects depending on DM discretion).
Trap Disarm: Spotting the trap requires a successful Perception check. Disarming it requires a successful Thieves' Tools check.

5. Display Room - The Shimmering Scepter

The heart of the mansion pulsates with magic. The display room, lit by floating orbs of light, houses artifacts from across the realms. At its center, encased in a shimmering force field, lies the Shimmering Scepter. It glows with a mesmerizing light, silently guarded by four Animated Armors - the final hurdle in your path.

6. Escape - Chasing Shadows

The moment the scepter is lifted, the mansion erupts into chaos. Alarm bells toll, shaking the mansion to its very foundations. The chase is on. Shadows of guards dart across stained glass windows, and the echo of commanding shouts fills the air. The way you came is no longer an option. The only way out is through the unknown - pursued by a squadron of Vanthor's Elite Guards(Thug) and a the powerful Vanthor's Court Wizard(Mage).


After a night of high stakes and tense moments, the party emerges, hopefully, victorious with the Shimmering Scepter in their possession. The people of Goldshore thank them profusely, and the balance of power in the city begins to shift. Word of their daring heist spreads throughout the city, making them the heroes of Goldshore. However, they've also earned the ire of Lord Vanthor (Noble), potentially setting up future adventures.